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Bear Hollow Park

There is a short but very pleasant loop trail in Bear Hollow Park.  The trail starts beyond the fence just to the left of the second baseball field. The trail to the right stays low near the stream. The left trail goes uphill more, but both trails are easy to walk and end at the same place.  There is a side trail that runs part way up a tributary to the West.  The area is very pretty especially for fall colors along the stream.

Directions to Bear Hollow Park (Map)
Bear Hollow Park is located off Trouthaven Drive in Heather Highlands.

If heading West on Rt. 22 from Delmont -

  • Turn right onto Vincent Hall Street (McDonald’s is on the corner).
    Go straight through the next light. Vincent Hall Street becomes Sardis Road. Stay on Sardis Road until you come to Heather Drive (less than a mile). There is a brick wall for Heather Highlands plan.
  • Turn left onto Heather Drive. It lasts one block and ends in a T-junction.
  • Turn right onto Forbes Trail Road.
  • Take the first left onto Trouthaven Drive. Go almost to the top of the hill and on your right will be a driveway leading into the park. There is a brown sign saying Bear Hollow Park.

Bear Hollow Park